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S.A.M.O. puts at your disposal its know-how in the rebuilding and overhaul of your single and multispindle lathes (TORNOS, WICKMAN, GILDEMEISTER, PITTLER), centerless grinding machines (ROSSI, LIDKOPING) and Special Machines of all brands.

For 40 years our technicians have acquired an unequalled mastery in this activity:
The machines are completely dismantled and cleaned, before each part is analyzed and possibly repaired or replaced. Our integrated machining workshop in turning, milling and grinding allows us to manufacture parts identical to the original parts of the manufacturers. These parts are also available in our stock of spare parts which is made available to you.
Experienced technicians in this type of machines will then reassemble them step by step, respecting the manufacturers' recommendations, like real Swiss watches, and make them as efficient, precise and durable as on the first day!
All the details of the work done on the overhauled and rebuilt lathes are available on request, so do not hesitate to ask us.

S.A.M.O. has proven itself to be a forerunner in repairability and recycling and this very special skill has allowed us to deliver hundreds of rebuilt Tornos AS14, SAS16, SAS16DC, SAS16.6, BS14-8, BS20-8 automatic multispindle lathes all over the world, for decades.

Each rebuild of our multi-spindle lathes is of course subject to a complete upgrade to current safety standards.

Moreover, our stock of machines to be rebuilt or rebuilt, allows you to make replacements by limiting the production stops. So don't hesitate any longer and entrust us with your rebuilding and revision projects.

S.A.M.O. also offers you its multiple machines for sale, as well as the purchase of your machine tools. Don't wait and check-out our pages dedicated to this activity!