Overhauled or rebuilt machines - Our specialty since 1983 !

S.A.M.O. is specialized in the reconstruction of automatic multispindle lathes (TORNOS, WICKMAN, GILDEMEISTER, PITTLER,...) Centerless grinding machines (ROSSI, LIDKOPING, STUDER,...). We also intervene on other types of machines and other brands, according to your specifications.

We offer various services for multi-spindle lathes and grinding machines:

  • Machine checked, revised or rebuilt
  • Special devices and equipment on multi-spindle lathes: pick-up, tapper...
  • Digitization, gain in flexibility and reliability ! Speed variation, CNC carriage, CNC pick-up...
  • Setting of safety standards
  • Definition of the machining process and production set-up of your part on the machine.

All the details of the work done on the revised and rebuilt machines are available on request, do not hesitate to ask us.
S.A.M.O. also keeps in stock all spare parts specific to Tornos automatic multispindle lathes, but also those of other brands.